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The HOT RECIPES That will spice up your kitchen this winter!

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The Aussie winter is here and to be honest we are not big fans of the cold. We chill a little too easily and combat that icicle onslaught by turning to the warmth of spices to tickle the senses and excite the mind with thoughts of rib-sticking braises infused with the sweet and pungent mix of cinnamon, cloves, ginger, star anise and allspice.

Our passion for chillies also reaches fever pitch in the winter. There is an ancient African proverb: "The lizard does not eat hot chillies for the frog to sweat”, which means take the credit for your own work and at this time of the year we’re making those chillies work super hard - it’s a case of the hotter the better.

But we can't live life on braised meat and chillies alone so we’ve found ways to balance out those rib-stickers with a few winter salads.

To help you get through the winter months, here is a selection of our favourite recipes to keep you spiced up and going strong until springtime. Each recipe uses seasonal produce and The Peddler’s artisan blends and A-grade spices.

And the icing (or spice!) on the cake is a special reward for your loyalty and support - you can take 15% off your next order! Apply the code WINTER2016 when checking out your basket of goodies at www.spicepeddler.com.au The offer runs until 31 August 2016.

Hunan Red Braised Pork Belly (Hong Shao Rou)

A much revered dish from the chilli loving Hunan province in China. Legend has it Hong Shao Rou helps to build brain power! The red colouring comes from the caramelisation of sugar and oil and imparts an intense colour and depth of flavour. Click here to read more ….

The Peddler’s Ultimate Rib-Sticking Ragu Bolognese

There is Bolognese and there is Bolognese! Not all are created equal and this recipe, packed with umami flavours, will absolutely knock your socks off. It takes time, don’t rush it and prepare in advance. Click here to read more ……

Chickpea, Lentil, Peppers, Garam Masala & Almond Winter Salad

Our adaption of a truly awesome salad originally created by Chris Honor. Chris is an Aussie chef running this amazing little café in London called Chriskitch. The idea is to get a balance of sweet and spicy flavours, alongside soft and crunchy textures. It is an intriguing pairing of different ethnic ingredients, a kind of India comes to Europe on a platter. It really works and it has become one of our go to salads. Click here to read more ……

Classic Rib Eye Steak With A Creamy Red Wine Pepper Sauce

There has been a resurgence of classic recipes from the 1970’s, what you might call retro-cuisine. The one dish that stands out for us is the classic steak au poivre served with a rich, winey, creamy sauce. This is a perfect meal for two on a cold winter weekend night in front of a log fire, washed down with a bottle or two of your favourite Shiraz. Click here to read more ……

Poached Pears With A Chocolate Cardamom Sauce (Poires Belle Helene)

In keeping with the retro theme, here is our take on a no-fuss, flavour packed winter desert recipe. The combination of pears, chocolate and cardamom is divine. Cardamom, known as the Queen of Spices, captures the essence of the exotic with its minty, floral qualities, and is a perfect foil for dark chocolate. Click here to read more ……

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